Fall Kick-Off 2017

On September 19th, 2017, Women In Entrepreneurship kicked off their fall semester with an introductory meeting in the 300 Room on Grand River. Led by President Andrea Batten, returning members and new members got acquainted to the E-board and what it is Women In Entrepreneurship aims to provide to the MSU community. There’s no way to meet people like doing speed dating with unique questions and getting to see a different side than the usually 20 questions prompts.

A stand out quote that was mentioned at the start and is our focus phrase chosen for this year goes:




Few words, but powerful and says it all.

People ask WE members frequently what exactly the organization does and it can be difficult to put this into words. As E-board members, we have battled this issue of describing our group in a few sentence “elevator pitch” from the start. Each time people ask, the speech gets refined to its simplest parts and here is the short bit of who we have developed into since 2015.

We’re an interdisciplinary group of women and supporters coming together to improve our entrepreneurial skills and challenge stereotypes in the world of entrepreneurship.

How do WE do it?

That’s what makes our organization different and dynamic.

  • WE introduce students to entrepreneurs (frequently women alumni) in order to create conversation around how to get started and maneuver the entrepreneurship journey. Witnessing someone’s story helps to inspire and can become a model or even a mentor for those willing to soak in the lessons from someone else.

  • WE provide workshops and resources to empower YOU to get started on your entrepreneurial goals- THAT’S THE BREAKOUT GROUPS!! We’ll highlight more about these soon.

  • WE provide a community of women to support one another to take risks in innovation. The accountability that can happen from regularly meeting with others with similar values and goals can keep you on path even when many obstacles get in the way.


WE has several exciting speakers coming throughout the fall including Alexa Jones, Kerry Ann Rockquemore, Shannon Long, and Kathleen Harkins. The WE Innovate Pitch Competition is returning on November 14th to support MSU women entrepreneurs. WE have plans to have more social gatherings such as Hayride on October 14th, coffee talks, and events in the Lansing area centered around entrepreneurial initiatives. WE also are working on more collaboration with the Entrepreneurship Association on campus. Breakout groups are returning on the Tuesdays that are not speakers or special events and will be conversations to actively start learning how to get started on your ideas!


WE are very excited to embark on this new year and continue growing and expanding our reach with our organization. As always if you ever need someone to ask questions to or want to learn more about entrepreneurship- reach out to any of the Eboard members and we can give you what WE got!



2017-2018 E-board:

Andrea Batten - President

Marie Clark - Vice President

Katie Musial - Director of Outreach

Alex Rucker - Marketing and Communication