What WE Have in Store for Spring 2017

Women In Entrepreneurship is kicking off this semester with lots of new events planned. Just a year ago in February, we launched our group and are really excited for the opportunities we have in store for the next 4 months. Here is an overview of what events we have planned so whether you have come before or have always wanted to check it out, you can see more about who WE is and how it can help you with your goals.

WE Intro Night

Get a preview into our organization, meet the E-board, and get to know some of the other members interested in innovation. We are all about connecting those with different backgrounds together to help drive new ideas and we want to hear what you want to learn this semester and get to know your goals.


Escape Room Social in East Lansing

A fun night out being stuck in a room and getting creative to figure out how to escape using the rules and tools given. Which group of girls will accomplish their mission and escape first?


LinkedIn Workshop

Take time to work on your LinkedIn presence and learn helpful tips on how to use it to capture that connection you want to make. Get feedback and start to see the impact of how reaching out to others can help open up doors you want to get through.


TOMS CGO, Amy Smith comes to the HUB

As Chief Giving Officer of TOMS now, Amy has worked her way to a very important team leader position after holding a variety of positions leading innovation in product and business development. An MSU graduate, Amy has a ton of experience to tell WE when she comes to visit from Los Angeles, California.


WE Create + WE Explore Breakout Groups

Aiming to bring more hands on experience of entrepreneurial skills, WE is piloting our first breakout groups focused on bringing members together in the journey of creating a business. WE Create will be for current entrepreneurs seeking to expand their current idea into an improved business model and create a support system of like minded girls to encourage one another through the process. WE Explore is designed for budding innovators who don’t quite have an idea yet but want to work in a team to create a mock business and work through the steps to get there. Meeting every other week, members will get to connect with each other and get to work personally with the resources they will need in future entrepreneurial pursuits.


California// San Francisco Trip in April

Our first annual trip to California will be taking place the first weekend on April where some WE’s most dedicated members will get to tour and eat lunch at Airbnb, explore the city, and network in a great area of breaking creators. Plans are being worked out currently, but this trip will be great fun and full of learning.


And what would WE finish with other than WE Celebrate?

Wrapping up the semester, the breakout groups will recombine and share what they have learned and reflect on the growth that has happened this semester. There will be a lot of things to rejoice about so this general meeting will be a great wrap up for everyone!


Women In Entrepreneurship is very excited to see how our organization is growing and reaching women like you that have the power to drive change with your hard work ethic, the support of others, and the belief in yourself. Come find out more about who WE are! As always, if you ever have any questions, contact any of the E-board members. WE are excited to see you ladies change the ways of the world!