Tyler Oakley

Coming from our own university, Tyler Oakley came back on February 17th to do a presentation and a question-and-answer session with the audience at Pasant Theatre at the Wharton Center for Performing Arts. As a segment to Innovate State’s lineup of speakers, students have been able to connect with professionals looking into entrepreneurship and innovation. A key part of Tyler’s talk was about his journey that began with vlogging in his dorm room as a freshmen to share his experiences with friends easier and not caring what others on the internet thought. He had no idea he would turn into the YouTuber he became upon graduation.

Tyler’s main presence on the internet is an LGBT vlogger to connect with his viewers in funny and sometimes serious ways to show them support and encouragement to be themselves. Graduating for the College of Communication Arts and Sciences, Tyler had lots of experiences in the field over summer internships and shared how he made his own path after graduation.  He brought out his best friend Korey Kuhl, who he met at MSU, to host the talk show together.

4 Stories Tyler Told Us:

  1. It’s All About The Details

    1. Tyler highlighted how he was invited to the White House to speak with Michelle Obama recently and talked for at least 5 minutes about how he forgot a hat to put the questions in so he got a basket for the interview. Only, the basket was not approved to be in the video by the white house security guards a the time so the basket had to be put off the camera as to not upset anyone. Tyler said how much he was freaking out about the basket being an issue that it made meeting Michelle Obama not as scary as her security guards.

  2. Sometimes You Gotta Pick Up and Leave

    1. Tyler headed off to California shortly after graduating from his undergraduate.  Coming from Jackson, MI and attending MSU just a short distance away, it was a big and scary move for himself. He talked about his first visits with Corey to San Francisco during Spring Break of Senior Year and trying to find a condo and just being shocked at the prices. But, nonetheless, he made the move and found work shortly after.

  3. The Key to Winning is To Start

    1. Through the Q and A session, Tyler actually picked up one of my questions that said “I want to become a YouTuber, where do I start?” And to this, he just said “Get going.” He emphasized how the only way you can improve and get better at your craft is to practice and just get started. It is important to not care much about what others think and just do what you enjoy.

While much of his stories seemed like tangents and rants, he really made an impact on the audience because we build up YouTubers to be celebrities in our minds because we love what they do. They help out so many people and we sometimes just feel like we are just one fan in millions. And while this is true, he also showed that he is a normal person too and he followed his passion. At just 25 years old, he is touching so many kids and young adults lives through his positive, funny, and honest personality that he gets to share each week online.